september two

i was supposed to get my uniforms today, which i ordered two months ago.
but to my dismay, the tailor told me it was still with a commissioned person who did the embroidery.

yah, right.

i’m sure he just forgot, that look he had was such a give away. haha.

so since i’m ultimately peaceable, i said nothing bad and went away, and figured i could instead use a stroll.

along the way, i passed by some old houses, a lot of shops and all sorts of people. i also passed by that old church i usually went to in college.


it’s quite a nice feeling – when you’re on a letup, walking slowly, paying attention to and taking in the things around you.

just like bending over and smelling the flowers on a breezy hill in summer.

no rush, no hustle and bustle, no crazy, no chaos.

just you and the universe, warming up to each other like long time friends who just met again on a random day.



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