Day 1 Assignment: Unlock the Mind
          Welcome to Writing 101. In this inaugural assignment, let’s loosen up and just write.


free write.

thank you for asking us to write whatever, however today.

quite a whole lot of stuff going through my mind and fighting to get out of me these past days, and i have not written about anything for a few months now.

i had imagined of writing about my nice vacation in beautiful Palawan, or the titles i’ve read in my 25 books on my 25th year list, or my brother’s graduation from his medical degree, or the inter-company volleyball tourney i got to join, or my application to grad school, or my recent dilemmas and confusions, or just some random things that amuse or annoy me everyday.

nope, none.

i reckon you know that feeling. when you have lots of things to say and you don’t know how to say it or where else to put it. it’s crazy, like you’re expecting to rupture any vein anytime or have a cardiac arrest.


could i say this is such a relief? for someone who lives off on reading and watching the world on the sidelines as it unfolds and keeping things to herself… it such a relief to be able to write again, and feel a nice pulsing somewhere in your chest, and get a warm feeling going through your whole body as you take one slow, deep breath. (sigh)

it’s nice.



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