day 1

it’s january first! 🎉
and while most people have just gotten up, nursing hangovers from last night,

i’m here in my shady, windy, spot, reading and contemplating on the meaning of my life. (haha, yeah!)🍃

i’m actually like dr. sheldon cooper and i have a freakin’ spot!!! haha! 😁

–where i really don’t care about the passers by because the neighbors know all too well that when i’ve dragged my mini table here and set up a make shift office, i do a lot of self talking or singing (out loud) with my earphones on. 😎

and this makes me feel like that little kid me again, oblivious to the world of ugly and chaos. which really feels so good. ahhhh. 😊😍

and as only God knows the multitude of letters & journal entries & homeworks & world domination plans i’ve made in here,

i’ll try my best to review the glaring adult things that, well obviously, nag me everywhere else i go.
guess that’s just how it is.

but anyway, it’s still a happy 2015, universe! ✨👊😁

and hello from my spot! 😁

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