Twitter is perhaps the most suitable social networking platform for a person who has lots of crazy thoughts to express but who do not need to actually verbally abuse or emotionally assault a certain number of people for that (like me). 😁🙋 Nope, it’s not FB. 🙅 haha.

I like it here because:

1. here you have to be witty to fit in those thought bubbles into 140 characters

2. almost everyone here tweet in completely spelled out words. haha

3. people really do not feel compelled to reply to your tweets, because they are tweets, for goodness sake not FB posts.

4. it is safer to rant here because everybody else that you don’t want to read or chance upon your tweet have a 0.01% chance of having twitter lives.

So i decided i’d have a tweet only no retweet day this “chooseday”. haha.

And i realized how one day worth of random during-the-day tweets can make a decent blog post.

So here goes my life today through twitter. Go figure!


Tweet tweet!🐥🐣


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