they say, coffee is always a good idea…☕

yeah, i guess so.😊


i’m currently into some (one year) life review now.

and it’s always over coffee. hahaha 😀

you know, that typical stuff we all go through when you’re at quarter life and living by yourself and you have big dreams but you’re caught up somewhere. 💬 👣 💭

i wish not to tell you about it yet, coz i don’t want them to get jinxed or something. haha.😎

but there will be some straightening out of things i’m sure and some major decisions and probably a number of changes. 🔨🔧 🔩

gaaah. i don’t know. this is the most confused i have ever been in life to date. 😕😵 😶

but i’d like to believe how this is just temporary…☀ ⛅ ☁ ⚡ ☔ ❄ ⛄

…that some fateful day, i’d just look back and tell myself, “wow, that was such a good life, dude! such a freakin’ good life!!! *high five*” 😉✋

so wish me luck and send me prayers, friends. 🍀

and cheers to more espresso shots. haha ☕

i’ll keep you posted. 📌

good night! 💋


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