so the year’s about to end.

i woke up early as usual today, made a 5 cup brew, and prepped rice.

i never get to do this in the big city.

and now i’m at the patio listening to all the neighborhood chickens wake up our sleepy place, feeling the surprisingly cold air this morning, and contemplating on how life has been so far.

i never get to do that in the big city too – contemplate. haha.

2015 has been full of blessings.

dude finally got his MD license, mama had a successful operation (thank God for comprehensive health care), the rest of the fambam are happy & healthy, & i finally got the hang of all the grad school + new work + new life environment set up. 👍🏼🤗

although, of course, there are some things i still really wish did work. 🙃

but yeah, maybe next year. 😊

yes, next year, BIG plans. 😁🤔

just passin’ by to wish you an awesome day today.

i’m off to do a solo trip somewhere before year end. 🙃

happy christmas! 😊🌹


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