I went to see La La Land this evening and I’m now useless from all this resonant discord I have inside me.

It did remind me of some dreams — those rather lofty ones I wish I could still chase despite, well, me deciding to be grown up at some point.

Dreams that people did laugh about when you told them about it.

And those same dreams that you can’t give up, because you’re sure to die if you did.

Also, although it breaks my heart to admit it, I do agree that there are some people who come into your life and change it,

and they make it better, in a romantically drastic way that you get so fired up chasing those dreams,

and then you’re never the same again,

but then you part and you let life be and that’s just about it.

It sucks, I know.

But I guess we all have that La La Land we all go back to where you get to sing and dance and dream and fly,

and end up with that one person you know you will always love.

Ah, my heart!


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