He tilted the cup a little to the side to make the foam form whatever it wished to form in his coffee,

It could have been a phoenix.

He took a sip and let the warmth go down his throat.

He shook his head and let out a sad smile.

There was that tug in his heart again,
perhaps that void in his chest will never go away.

He wondered if he ever deserved her, at the very least, even on his best days.

He wondered if she’d still let him into her life if he asked.

He wondered if it was him she was writing about.

He wondered if she had already found somebody else.
No, she could not have.

There was another tug in his heart, only now it was heavier.

No, she could not have found somebody else already,


He looked at his cup and wondered how it would have been had they given themselves a chance.

He would’ve been making her coffee too now;

She would’ve told him it was a phoenix.


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