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So for today, I just would like to share some of my takeaways from the Abstract Episode on stage designer, Es Devlin.

The whole episode started with her saying:

“You sort of do need to start without light to find it…”

And it ended on a sort of existentialist note, that also makes you think.

There is a parallel with some of the artists that I work with, who feel that once you have toured the world and have played in front of 80,000 people, you then say, “Well what do I actually do for me?” I ask why this needs to happen.


I do it for love,” she says.

“I thought that if I made a beautiful object, it was the most important use of my time.”

It’s striking, right?

So when you get to that point in your life too where you start questioning why you do things. I hope you give yourself a same answer – you do it for love!

Happy weekend! 😊


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