So I’ve been meaning to share some of Francis Mallmann’s good sense of the world in a Chef’s Table episode featuring him.

Thing is, I just have not had the time to collect myself and my thoughts yet (well, up until now 😅)

Anyway, so I really like what he says about uncertainties, and about love of course 😁

Here goes:

“Love is one of the most difficult things in life. Certainly the most beautiful one.”

“Today, I think we educate kids to be settled in the comfortable chair — you have your job, you have your little car, you have a place to sleep, and the dreams are dead.

You don’t grow on a secure path.

All of us should conquer something in life, in order to grow and improve, you have to be there a bit at the edge of uncertainty, and it needs a lot of work, it needs a lot of risk.”

True, right? I do hope you keep those dreams alive! 😊🌹


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