So by the time I finish this (edit & all) I assume it would already be past midnight.

I promised myself to sleep as much as I can this weekend and now I think I may have gone over my sleep quota that I spent a good 30 minutes in bed, with the lights off, staring at the moving lights by our window, as they danced to the sound of the midnight vehicles in the highway and our monotonous air conditioner. Yes, I cannot sleep. 🙄😩

So in the hopes of wearing myself out to sleep and getting back my writing mojo, I’m posting these lines I got from a book I just recently finished reading (been reading it for more than a year now).

I am particularly disturbed by the fact that, really, what if my heart is not meant to be trusted? Even if I know that my instincts and judgments are sound. What if there’s a 0.01 percent probability that my heart is only biased and prejudiced, and my head is also confused and I cannot, for the life of me, be trusted to follow the wishes of a heart despite it being so selfless and undemanding unlike the rest of the universe?

I dunno.

Perhaps that’s why we are the only creatures that are capable of making choices for ourselves. However risky, however unconventional, however tedious, as long as it is worthwhile.

So yeah, I’m getting sleepy now. Haha, yay!

I just hope that you find it in you to follow the yearnings of your heart today. 😊

Good night, universe! ❤️

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