It’s 4 am here and I don’t know why I’m up this early. 😲

I’m taking my exams today (& Wednesday) and I’m not sure what to feel. It’s been a rather difficult string of weeks and preparing has never been so physically taxing and generally overwhelming.

I don’t know if I’ve even prepared enough, what with work demands that seem to be always competing for attention.

I can only silently cry in bed (now just thinking about it) at all these things I’d rather not enumerate. 🥺😭

To myself after today, I’d like to tell her that she’s done everything she can and it’s all up to the workings of the universe now. That she does not need to worry herself to death as she should know (better) that she can’t do everything all together. And people will understand (they will, right?).

I hope work will give me a little break for a few days too. 😞 I promise I’d be back fully after this.

So here’s to all the lofty dreams we’re making, however really difficult to surmount the circumstances.

Para sa mga matatayog na pangarap, para sa pamilya, para sa mga kaibigan.

Para sa damdaming nagpupuyos at nag-aalab, para sa pag-ibig na wagas at tunay.

Para sa sarili, para sa Bayan. ✊🏼

Parating para sa Bayan,
Patuloy lang ang laban.

Please do include me in your prayers. 🙏🏼

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