She stared at the fresh new set of notes she had just printed and sighed deeply. This was the last stretch, finally. Her grades looked […]
Last Sunday, I went to see local / indie bands play music. And so here is a portion of the (shaky) clip I had recorded […]
09/15 And we just launched. Haha. So many things to improve on, but it was such a great start. I thought the typhoon would dampen […]
09/06 Let me take this day to talk about our little collab/project. 😊 Ahhhh, the months of work is finally taking shape. 😭❤️ But I’ll […]
So I wrote this right after I woke up some days ago, and this has just been sitting in my notes bin, waiting for a […]
Here’s another thing I tried out tonight, which I kinda thought about, and then came to terms with, and then finally decided to give a […]
She was staring solemnly into space, when he stole a glance at her. She was always quiet, and deep in thought, and had a mild […]
Happy New Year, universe! I know, it’s a little too late for a new year’s post but it’s 2018 and yeah, so many things do […]
Hello there! What is up? I hope you’re doing good these days. Anyway so I’m kinda back here writing, yay! 🤗 Although I’ve been finding […]
So here’s what literature can specifically do to you – – Perhaps many may not understand it, but when you read through the strengths and […]