So here they are again. They come like awful friends who only remember you when they need you, and they bug you when you’re busy […]
And here we are again. I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of staring at your brown, chiseled face — And every line, And […]
09/13 Ahhh! I was not able to beat the midnight deadline for this #postaday. 😅 Anyway, here is something I was thinking about last night. […]
09/12 One minute to write. 😱 It’s amazing to know how, sometimes, the little things that you do can change the direction of someone else’s […]
09/09 Hi! Yeah, I’m still up, doing reports at this hour. We just finished cutting 800++ stickers that we need to sell to cover for […]
#Reblogging again. This was from a writing group from four years ago. Haha. I did join those things before. ☺️ And oh, how time flies! […]
So it’s #reblog night. 😁 Wrote this some four years ago (wow 🤗). Sometimes, All you need is to be brave — To speak, so […]
I was configuring the new phone this evening when I accidentally opened this old blog. Apparently, I did not mean to (but did) key in […]
so this was posted a year ago. and guess what, although i’m inclined to admit that, by now, a lot of things have already come […]
So February is ending and here’s something to end it well with. ❤️ I’ve seen so much “spoken word” going around the internet lately, and […]