It’s funny how it took me some time to sit down, reflect and write about how it felt to officially leave my twenties. I honestly […]
09/24 I honestly thought that turning 30 would be a spectacle in itself. Haha. But I guess God knows the simplicity of my heart’s desires […]
09/22 Up early today because I’ll be off to the office to work. And I’ve realized, while drinking coffee, that September has gone so fast […]
09/08 So this week had been really full. In fact I can feel my back kinda getting heavier in each day that comes. But the […]
09/05 So every night, I have made it a habit to list down all my “things to do” as a sort of self reflection at […]
09/01 So I just woke up from a migraine “coma” which is basically that loss of consciousness during the height of your mother migraine attack. […]
Hello! How are you? I know I’ve been really low on write ups lately and I miss you all and it’s September and the birth […]
september one maybe a cup of coffee can help. i’m turning 25 soon enough that i sincerely do not want it to come. not because […]