Hi!!! 🙋🏻‍♀️ So I’m kinda back after a hiatus (again). 😅 I really had a bad writer’s block, and was hormonal and sad, and I […]
Hi! How are you all? I had been wanting to write the past weeks, but I’ve been feeling a little under the weather too and […]
I was complaining on twitter earlier this morning of how tired and exhausted I have been feeling of late, and I forgot that there was […]
She looked at him stare at her tenderly for a few seconds and caught a tiny sparkle in his eyes. He did not say a […]
I was not supposed to write today because it always seems overrated to be writing on Valentine’s day. Haha. But, if anything, today has so […]
Before this night ends, let me share to you what Mama told me this morning, “Remember that God’s infinite Love is the true meaning of […]
So February is ending and here’s something to end it well with. ❤️ I’ve seen so much “spoken word” going around the internet lately, and […]
so i know i’m supposed to be reading school stuff now. but yeah, i’m taking an everything-else-unrelated-to-school break instead. haha. after all, i’m supposed to […]