Hi guys, how are you all? 😊 So it’s a Sinulog Sunday and I did not want to go drench myself in collective sweat and […]
I went home tired earlier so I fell asleep. And now, I woke up with a jolt and a face in my head that brought […]
It was January again, and it bugged her a little- -how she always had to keep away from things that reminded her of him. And […]
Hello there! I’m sorry I have not been quite keeping up as promised, but as I’ve also said, I do try (hard) as much as […]
Happy New Year, universe! I know, it’s a little too late for a new year’s post but it’s 2018 and yeah, so many things do […]
LIFE, they say;        is something you write,                 and when you do, you have to make it beautiful…   so yeaaah, i’m taking that […]
so i just finished this book the past weekend. but nope, this is not a book review. i’ve saved that for goodreads. hahaa. 😄 i […]
i found this post i made up last year. and since it’s a shiny new year, i might as well make another version of it […]