So I’ve been up since past 3am and, for some reason, I can’t seem to go back to sleep. I’ve been tossing and turning in […]
09/08 So this week had been really full. In fact I can feel my back kinda getting heavier in each day that comes. But the […]
I write every day, when I can. Hoping that, one day, you’d write me back, and tell me you’ve never stopped reading (even the lamest […]
She was staring solemnly into space, when he stole a glance at her. She was always quiet, and deep in thought, and had a mild […]
So by the time I finish this (edit & all) I assume it would already be past midnight. I promised myself to sleep as much […]
why? she asked. she had told herself, time and again, that for the most part of it, life does teach us a handful of beautiful […]