So, I’ve been getting good views on the latest post. And this just reminded me that I can actually pull off a decent Rom plot […]
“You know that dilemma, when you are so sure of what you feel about someone but you can’t do anything about it?” “And then since […]
“How many more heartbreaks?” She asked the expressionless faces of the statues of the great saints that adorned the altar. She sighed and let her […]
Hi! So I found another note again and I don’t know why I just curled up in a corner and ugly cried. Haha. I’m such […]
Why, I guess my notes is such a treasure chest. Haha. Although, admittedly, most of the things you’d find are sad gems. 🤭 Anyway, here’s […]
So here goes me posting random notes here again. Haha! I do hope you’re all having a good week. 😊 Sending you love from here […]
i was looking for the meaning of the word crisis on the dictionary last night. and my initial plan was to check on its strict […]