Hello everyone! How are you all?So this pandemic has been quite a difficult time to write, because, if anything, it feels like you just don’t […]
So I’ve been trying to write for a few weeks now, and this (write-up) has been particularly sitting here for a time already, since I […]
09/10 I found the priest’s reflection on the gospel yesterday very timely. Do we really treat others differently just because they are poor and not […]
Oh how she wished she could ask him to stay. But she knew better, Time and again, Life had taught her, How not to ask […]
One more chapter to finish. 🎉🎉🎉 Honestly, I have, to the best that I can, tried to squeeze in finishing this read in between thesis, […]
VIII. he was looking at the moon’s reflection over the ocean. it was red. he wanted to tell her it was red. he remembered how […]
so since it’s a shiny new year ☀️🌼, i’m starting this personal project — 365 random posts every day in 2015 🙅. (i do it […]