Hello! So I know I haven’t been writing as much lately, my apologies. 😬 I’ve been full and really sick, and keeping up with life, […]
Hi! How are you all? I had been wanting to write the past weeks, but I’ve been feeling a little under the weather too and […]
01/13/2019, latest edit 01/16/19 😅 Hi! So this is technically my first write up for the year, YAY, and I hope the year opened well […]
09/05 So every night, I have made it a habit to list down all my “things to do” as a sort of self reflection at […]
Hello there! I’m sorry I have not been quite keeping up as promised, but as I’ve also said, I do try (hard) as much as […]
So I skipped study time to watch a random netflix movie tonight because I had been feeling quite sad (again) and generally unkempt lately. Which […]
So I’ve been meaning to share some of Francis Mallmann’s good sense of the world in a Chef’s Table episode featuring him. Thing is, I […]
Hi! So I’m down to my last paper due on Wednesday at 11:55 pm, and perhaps after that I can be a better blogger friend […]
Hi! So I was supposed to be sharing this last week but I had been caught up with so many things as usual and I […]
Hi! So it has been really busy around lately and it’s crazy. But, hey, I cannot but be grateful instead for so many things. Anyway […]