Hello 2020!!! How are you all? I know, I know…😬 I’ve been away for more than month, I guess, (which is quite unusual for me) […]
01/13/2019, latest edit 01/16/19 😅 Hi! So this is technically my first write up for the year, YAY, and I hope the year opened well […]
Hey, how are you? I hope you’re all fine. I’m tired. Haha. December continues to be unbelievably punishing and overloaded and exhausting. 🤕 And I […]
09/10 I found the priest’s reflection on the gospel yesterday very timely. Do we really treat others differently just because they are poor and not […]
Happy New Year, universe! I know, it’s a little too late for a new year’s post but it’s 2018 and yeah, so many things do […]
She sighed and took in everything around her. The air was cool, and everywhere smelled like Christmas. The sea was quiet and she traced the long […]
LIFE, they say;        is something you write,                 and when you do, you have to make it beautiful…   so yeaaah, i’m taking that […]
it’s january first! 🎉 and while most people have just gotten up, nursing hangovers from last night, i’m here in my shady, windy, spot, reading […]
So 2014 is ending🌻😁 And I reckon many would bid it a heartfelt thank you and goodbye, and some would heave heavy sighs and say, […]