Hi! How are you all? I had been wanting to write the past weeks, but I’ve been feeling a little under the weather too and […]
Hello, how are you? I hope you’re all doing fine. I’ve been out and about, and also down and out, and I still need to […]
09/10 I found the priest’s reflection on the gospel yesterday very timely. Do we really treat others differently just because they are poor and not […]
09/09 Hi! Yeah, I’m still up, doing reports at this hour. We just finished cutting 800++ stickers that we need to sell to cover for […]
It was a quiet day and he lay in bed relieved and amused at how the things in his life had slowly come into place. […]
VI. “So, tell me, what is holding you back, exactly?” Dee asked her. “Haah, nothing supposedly,” and she laughed aloud. It was still raining. Dee […]
V. She took a last sip from her cup, and realized how the coffee had gone cold already. There she was, thinking again. A year […]