So I’ve been trying to sleep, but I can’t. 😩 I was actually already sleepy an hour ago but I still had things to print so […]
Hello!!! Guess who’s back? Hehe. Well of course, it’s just me. 😅 So I’m posting this while I still sort out and form nice little […]
Thirty one. I’ve always thought that when I come to this point in life, I’d be that cranky cat lady I’ve always imagined I’d be, […]
So I’m currently sitting here in one of the high chairs of this vacant table in a generally vacant coffee shop. The baristas perhaps know […]
Hello there, so I had been awfully busy lately, and then WordPress suddenly reminds me that it’s our Blogversary today. 💕 Awwwhhh. 😍 At least, […]
So 2014 is ending🌻😁 And I reckon many would bid it a heartfelt thank you and goodbye, and some would heave heavy sighs and say, […]