Hi there, so I’m reblogging again. I hope you’re all good and fine. 😊
why? she asked. she had told herself, time and again, that for the most part of it, life does teach us a handful of beautiful […]
Dear Lord, Thank you for the gift of life, the gift of family and the gift of friendship.❤ This year has been really wonderful! 😊 […]
found this somewhere while doing internet research. hahaha. so now i’m having that gush of memories as i remember my 19 year old self. 😊😊😊 […]
today, she sits on the corner of the jeepney waiting for her ride… there is that little girl again, with her lolo. they live a […]
september thirteen so i was supposed to post something last night, as a part of this weird birthday stuff i just made up for myself, […]